VAG EDC17CP14/EDC17CP24/EDC17CP44/EDC17CP54 special checksum fix tool

This tool allows you to fix monitoring checksums in some VAG EDC17CP14, EDC17CP24, EDC17CP44 and EDC17CP54 ECU's that most aftermarket tools are not capable of fixing.
When these checksums are not fixed, modifications to the monitoring area of the ECU cause a constant ECU reset (bootloop).

  • The file format should always be INTFLASH followed directly by EXTFLASH, if EXTFLASH is present and contains maps.
  • The file must be a full read or bench/boot read.
  • Every time you modify the monitoring area, you must fix this checksum again.
  • As an additional verification step before buying you can provide the stock file to the tool and verify that it shows all sums as correct.
  • The tool only fixes the special checksums. After this tool, use normal software to fix the rest of the sums (or use your flashtool checksum functionality during write).
The cost is 2 credits.

After you buy the functionality for a certain software, you can checksum this software again as many times as you like.
Checking the sums and compatibility is free, so you can see whether your file has the correct format and if there are any of the special sums present in the file that need fixing.

Some of these ECU's have multiple variants in the file - factory mapswitching, and sometimes this switching is also done on some monitoring maps. The monitoring checksum is always calculated over the active variant, and not just over the first variant.
Aftermarket tools are usually only capable of fixing the first variant. This works only as long as the ECU is coded to use the first variant. If the ECU is not using the first variant, and you change anything in the monitoring area (e.g. monitoring torque limiter), the checksum becomes incorrect and the ECU gets stuck in a reset loop needing bench recovery.
This tool detects and fixes all the variant monitoring checksums correctly, solving the problem.
It is possible that there are more ECU's with this issue than the ones listed. The tool is universal - if you have any multivariant MEDC17 ECU getting stuck in a reset loop when changing anything in the monitoring area, give it a try and see if the tool detects any incorrect sums.

Here are a few known software numbers that exhibit this issue:

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