VAG MG1 immo tool

This tool allows you to disable the immobilizer on various VAG MG1 ECUs. The cost is 30 credits.

The following flash tools are supported:
  • MagicMotorSport FLEX - .zip full backup file
  • bFlash - .bdc bench read file

  1. Read the ECU in bench mode.
  2. Upload the file here.
  3. Checksum and write the IFLASH to ECU bench mode.
  4. (optional) Unlock the ECU for OBD writing with tool of your choice (flash any modification via OBD protocol).
  5. (optional) Read the ECU again in bench mode.
  6. (optional) Transfer the changes to the bench file, or upload the file here again, you will not be charged again for the same ECU.
  7. (optional) Checksum and write file to ECU in bench mode. Now you can write the ECU with your tool OBD without losing immo off.
Make sure you use the full file from the actual ECU that you want to immo off!

First, enter your API Key:
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