SIMOS/SDI boost patch tool

This tool allows you to patch the boost pre-control maps (ip_fac_bpa) in SIMOS 18/SDI21 to have RPM and Boost setpoint on the axis instead of intake and exhaust factors, making tuning simpler, especially when the turbocharger has been upgraded.
You will receive a patched file and a CSV so that you can import the new maps into WinOLS. The maps will be in the "VehiCAL Boost Patch" folder.
The file will have the maps pre-filled with default values.

The cost is 15 credits. You can re-use the patched file across different ECU's.

You will have to populate the axis and the table values from scratch. No calibration support of any kind will be provided.

Only perform this patch if:
  • You understand S18/SDI21 Boost control
  • You understand how the ip_fac_bpa maps work and what the values in them mean.
  • You are adept at using a ram logger for tuning
This patch does not make the ECU open loop, it changes the axis for the pre-control, the PID remains fully functional.

  1. Unlock the ECU for OBD writing with tool of your choice (flash any modification to calibration area via OBD protocol).
  2. Read the ECU in boot mode (or virtual OBD read on tools that allow full write).
  3. Upload the file here.
  4. Checksum and write file to ECU in boot mode.

First, enter your API Key:
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